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Hysteria with PYROmania (special URIs)

I had a need to modify code written using Pyro so that objects on localhost could be exposed remotely.  I have never worked with Pyro before so I was in some hysteria.  I was ready to try though.

There is no definitive guide anywhere using the special names in the URI (actually I found something here and here later).  Love bites.

If you look at Pryo servers, the URI from the daemon is a very long string like the following:


That is a rather long URI and the number changes on every service start up (obviously like a GUID or time based id).  So on the client side, is this my URI?  Is it too late for love?

Well, no. Here is a quick guide for how to use the special URI strings and you can be a Pyro Animal.

For name servers, you can use:


For straight remote access (otherwise called the regular method):


So, it isn’t as bad as it initially seems. No Foolin’.  Finally, Armageddon It.