Swiss Army Knife of SMTP Servers

Just wanted to give a shout out to my favorite SMTP Server.
When you find yourself needing a robust, easy to configure and support SMTP IMAP/ POP3 server that can handle about any messaging need you could think of … check out MDaemon from the folks at Alt-N Technologies.

How good is it? Well, not that long ago, Research In Motion (RIM), you know, the BlackBerry people, bought? the company.
(not positive about the change in ownership as I don’t work for the company)
During this time BlackBerry support was added. Then the market turned, and Alt-N became independent again.

I’ve been using MDaemon for many years now in several environments. I’ve tried others, but keep going back to this one. It just works. Rarely do I find a messaging problem that it doesn’t handle. You *nix fans will even like it. Although it runs on Windows machines, it has a *nix feel to it as everything is kept in files.


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